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Promoting Entrepreneurship Education

The importance of education and training for an entrepreneurial society has been underlined on several occasions through various United Nations Declarations as well as recommendations by the European Union, the African Union (AU) and national governments. Ghana need to play critical role as one of the regional power block in West Africa as it stands out as an African leader in economic, democratic, and social welfare terms. From free-and-fair elections to a fast-growing economy, Ghana enjoys a reputation that is backed up by solid performances on entrepreneurship indicators like the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business table, where it is the 4th-ranked sub-Saharan African economy. Of course Ghana also suffers from severe youth unemployment.

Often young entrepreneurs with excellent and innovative ideas have entered and graduated from the Universities without such potentials being harnessed and incubated to be grown into viable businesses. The potential of institutions of higher learning to promote positive change in their economy materializes when they diffuse knowledge into the societies in which they operate. There is a growing interest in recent times on the role entrepreneurship can play in the creation of employment in various countries all over the world. In that light, entrepreneurship education has been touted as one of the important tools by which the issue of graduate unemployment that had overwhelmed many countries can be nipped in the bud.


The discussions with Plymouth University, Faculty of Business centered on the establishment of Entrepreneurship Academy in Ghana that can be linked with Futures Centre for Entrepreneurship at Plymouth University, Faculty of Business to provide aspiring entrepreneurs, with the practicals skills and knowledge they need to become future business leaders in Ghana that will cut across the globe.

The Center will

  • deliver a program which seeks to harness the innovative ideas of students and grow them into viable businesses to reduce graduate unemployment
  • deliver laudable programs for graduate students in Ghana
  • position entrepreneurs in Ghana as an affecting power in future business
  • small and medium business development
  • address the training needs of small and medium enterprises
  • provide innovative training for entrepreneurs