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Year of Incorporation – 2003

Coastal Network Consortium (CNC) is an aggregate management, entrepreneurship and information and communication technologies Consultancy Services provider with extensive experience.  The company which was incorporated in 2003 in Ghana had since designed and implemented training programmes for University lecturers, municipal and District Assemblies, Chambers of Commerce, Business Communities/Organisations, small and medium enterprises managers, associations, institutions and schools.


CNC provides services cutting across, and going beyond, financial, operational and business management analysis; market and industry research and analysis; business process re-engineering; business plan development and strategic planning; project management and design; procurement and rural development management, entrepreneurship and small and medium scale enterprise development.  In these areas, CNC provides direct consulting services as well as training programmes for corporate firms, organizations, small- and medium-scale enterprises.


The consistent growth of Coastal Network Consortium over the past years and the increasing number of the projects it had successfully completed has established its image as a dynamic and professionally competent company.  Coastal Network Consortium’s consultancy and support services to Government agencies and Chamber of Commerce includes; identifying project partners and matching them with institutions and organizations which may need their services, developing business documentations, plans and building capacities in fund raising and strategic management etc.


In all our business relationships we aim at delivering technical and consultancy solutions which enhance productivity and improve profitability.  This is because Coastal Network Consortium hires and trains highly qualified professionals from the Universities and other tertiary institutions to undertake such professional projects.